Celestial Weavings

Teressena has led womens groups for about twenty years, and was at the feet of many a grandmother. She feels very inspired by the women who weave the web of love, family and their culture.


In the Mayan lands while visiting the area of Atitlan and Zinacantan one cannot but be inspired by the artistry unfolding before ones eyes as women in their beautiful Huipiles, use Bean pods as shuttles and sticks as guides when creating wondrous master pieces.


Textures have always inspired the creatrix in her, and working with fibres of Alpaca, wool of many styles adds a depth and tactile pleasure to these altar pieces as well as enriches the expression that earth mother shares with us by way of her natural gifts.


In these times we continue flexibility as we have used other then natural fibers, for their unique contribution in color or texture in these unique pieces of art.


Enjoy weaving peace together!